** Database searchable by tech stack. ** System collected information about the tech stack of 10 million websites.

This process works in multiple stages:

  • Stage 1: Scanning and identification of tech stack based on thousands of rules
  • Stage 2: Aggregation of current and historical information in a MongoDB database

Outcome: The Tech Stack Database is a specialized resource designed to:

  • Extract Tech Stack Details: Uncover the specific technologies used by websites, including frameworks, languages, and server software.
  • Search for Specific Technologies: Identify websites using particular tech stacks or application versions, facilitating targeted analysis.
  • Assess Technology Trends: Analyze the adoption and usage of various web technologies for market insights and competitive strategy.

Grid system based on MongoDB database data generates reports for:

  • Search for customers with specific tech stack.
  • Analysis of competition tech stack.
  • Analysis of technology trends.
  • Analysis of technology adoption.

Tech stack

  • Front-End: React, HTML5, CSS3
  • Back-End: Python
  • Databases: MongoDB
  • DevOps: Linux

Project Links

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